Nickquolette Barrett

I had the privilege of having a closet audit by Stephanie. I had been feeling overwhelmed with my closet. Unfortunately, I gravitated to the same familiar outfits even though I had a closet full of items to choose from. My goal was to pare down my closet to only the things I felt and looked good in. I no longer wanted a closet just full of stuff. During the process, I discovered I was holding on to clothes just because I paid a nice sum of money for them. And, I would probably need them someday. However, after Stephanie touched everything in my closet and helped me to understand that the clothes were not serving me in my new way of living. The clothes were actually not allowing me to live my best self. I never knew that a closet audit would turn into a cleanse of the mind and spirit. She was able to coach me through the process and I am so grateful for what we uncovered about myself during the process.I have since referred her to my career coaching group and I highly recommend having a session with her. Trust me. It will change your mindset and can have a great impact on your life. Thanks, Stephanie!