Client Testimonials

While going through a transition in my life, I met Stephanie Michelle, Coach of Style. She was instrumental in me finding my authentic style while on my journey to impact women to build their businesses into Fortune 500 Companies.

Karen A. Brown
Founder & CEO, One Karen Brown
Style Coaching Client

I had the privilege of having a closet audit by Stephanie. I had been feeling overwhelmed with my closet. Unfortunately, I gravitated to the same familiar outfits even though I had a closet full of items to choose from. My goal was to pare down my closet to only the things I felt and looked good in. I no longer wanted a closet just full of stuff. During the process, I discovered I was holding on to clothes just because I paid a nice sum of money for them. And, I would probably need them someday. However, after Stephanie touched everything in my closet and helped me to understand that the clothes were not serving me in my new way of living. The clothes were actually not allowing me to live my best self. I never knew that a closet audit would turn into a cleanse of the mind and spirit. She was able to coach me through the process and I am so grateful for what we uncovered about myself during the process.I have since referred her to my career coaching group and I highly recommend having a session with her. Trust me. It will change your mindset and can have a great impact on your life. Thanks, Stephanie!

Career Development Strategist, iRock Resumes
Closet Audit Client

I was in the process of starting a new business and pitching to investors and potential clients. I’m in healthcare and spend all day in scrubs, so the thought of dressing up for the boardroom left me feeling like a fish out of water. Let me just say, Stephanie is awesome! I can’t say enough about how comfortable and easy the whole process was. I was really nervous at first because she told me she needed to do a closet evaluation, and my closet wasn’t anything I wanted to show off to a stranger, lol. It turned out to be a great introduction for us though. She’s so sweet and easy and non-judge mental. The beauty of having someone shop for you and bring it to the comfort of your home was well worth the cost! I hate shopping for myself and trying things on only to be disappointed over and over. She takes all the stress out of preparing for an event! I recommend Stephanie to everyone I know who’s in need of a style enhancement, or would benefit from having her concierge shopping service free up their time for more important things. The signature pieces she picked out for me ALWAYS earn compliments and queries. That’s when I get to tell them all about being styled by Stephanie 🙂

April Snipes, RNFA
The Surgeons Advantage, Owner, Frisco, TX
Style Coaching Client

Spring has Sprung, the sun will always shine even though rain is falling and storm clouds maybe overhead because Stephanie Michelle has shown me how to always Walk in Style!!

Diane Richardson
Retired Memphis, TN
Virtual Closet Audit/Personal Shopping Client

Having worked in fashion, years ago, I am impressed with Stephanie Michelle’s style and her communication in helping us understand our own personal style. Very helpful tips… thank YOU!!!

Kim Hall

She is absolutely amazing and passionate about you looking, feeling, and being your best! She is authentic and trustworthy.

Mesha Starlin
CEO, Author, Speaker

Stephanie is truly a woman of grace!! Her spirit is gentle and loving!! She is all about making you feel beautiful inside and out!! The outer appearance she creates matches your personality and inner spirit! Truly a woman walking in her gifts!! Let her style you today!!!

Karen Johnson

Stephanie has the heart, passion, gift and talent for what she does. She has the ability to connect with you on a personal level right where you are. Working with Stephanie has been a true blessing. We worked from the inside out to meet my needs to grow personally and professionally and be able to show it with style. I learned so much from her master class.

Heidy Honrado