Style Coaching

Visual Presence Coaching/Style Coach

Fashion is a language and I can teach it to you. Learn how to develop your own style, make it really work for you, and use it to infuse every single area of your life with your unique flair. If you think it is just about the clothes you are mistaken. I change EVERYthing you thought about style.

Professionally, I see women struggle with a common issue. The issue is the relationship between your body and your style.

Do you know how to love your body?

Are you tired of making excuses for your appearance?

Let’s just get right to it, YOU deserve to show up as the best version of yourself. How? Make the decision for 1 on 1 Mentoring or Small group sessions It’s time to STOP making excuses and START making decisions on how you show up.

Option 1 1 on 1 Style Power Mentoring (6 month commitment)

Are You Ready? Let’s Do This!!!  For pricing, or to learn more, contact me directly.