Personal Shopping


In your personal and professional life, visual appeal can promote self-confidence and success, or the complete opposite. Your personal and professional needs require time, money, and effort. Often, you don’t have a lot of time or you don’t want to put too much effort into obtaining what you need to enhance your look. Do not worry. That is why I am here, to be your Personal Shopper saving you time, money, and effort while getting dressed effectively.

Who is this for:

  • A busy professional woman who wants convenience
  • The woman that wants to her look to stay updated
  • Wants to decrease stress trying to find the right looks
  • The woman who does not want to spend a fortune while trying to look good.

What to expect:

The process starts with a personal questionnaire and consultation to evaluate your needs and

preferences working toward the goal of enhancing your Who and not your What.

For pricing, to retain ongoing Personal Shopping services, or learn more, contact me directly.