Stephanie Michelle is a Personal Stylist and Visual Presence Coach. From an early age, she was exposed to style and design through her parents and her personal love of fashion. She has taken her passions of fashion and teaching, alongside her years of professional expertise, to create a unique experience for women, whether they are simply updating their look or moving into a new phase of life and changing their look entirely.

She has helped hundreds of women transform and enhance their visual presence, so that they love who they are and show up as the best version of themselves.
Today, she is the founder of Styled by Stephanie Michelle and is known as the Coach of Style. Professionally, she works with private clients, clients in group sessions, and on photoshoots. She was born in New York, raised in California, and now resides in Texas. She has been married for over 20 years and is mother to 4 children. She enjoys volunteering, traveling, live music, dancing, skating, playing the drums, and of course, shopping!