Hello, I’m Stephanie, personal stylist, style coach, certified professional coach, and CEO of Styled by Stephanie Michelle. There’s nothing I love more than helping high-achieving women take control of their style and learn how to use their visual presence to support their biggest dreams.

Styling’s in my blood. I was born in Manhattan, NY and raised in Compton CA with my Jamaican mother and an American father. While my parents worked in their respective careers during the day, in the evening, we came together to create art, music, design, and produce hand-sewn wardrobes for the family and clients. It was during my childhood and early teen years my father taught me about form and fashion, whilst my mother was pivotal in teaching me how to sell my creations.

I naturally had a passion for teaching others how to look and feel good. My compassion was and is a true asset. After nearly two decades of helping people as a nurse, I fully returned to the love of my life: fashion.

Since that time, I have been pretty busy! Some of my accomplishments include:
• Being the lead stylist for Men’s Fashion Week Dallas, Fall Season 5
• Making the Amazon Bestselling list with my eBook Wardrobe Style Essentials: A Guide to Dressing with Purpose
• Being featured in Allen&Houston Magazine, in Voyage Dallas Magazine, and in Womenliness Magazine
• Being awarded in the Top 25 Minds to Follow 2017 by Gigare’ Lifestyle Magazine
• Developing the Power of Style Coaching Program is what makes me most proud.

Throughout it all, I’ve been thrilled to discover even greater creative heights — and empathetic depths — for my clients. If you want to learn more about me, click here.

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