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Substance meets Style.

Let’s make your wardrobe work.

Hello, I’m Stephanie, personal stylist, style coach, certified professional coach, and CEO of Styled by Stephanie Michelle.

Like you, I wear a lot of hats — and like you, I have one underlying passion that drives them all.

There’s nothing I love more than helping high-achieving women take control of their style and learn how to use their visual presence to support their biggest dreams. I help women just like you transform and enhance your visual presence so you save time and effort and money while getting dressed effectively.

Styling’s in my blood. I’ve been steeped in a unique combination of creativity and technical expertise since I was a child helping my designer father and skilled seamstress mother create wardrobes.

This apprenticeship served me well as I styled friends all throughout high school and college, and as my after-hours job as I pursued a career in nursing. After nearly two decades of helping people in that context, I fully returned to the love of my life: fashion.

Since that time, I’ve been the lead stylist for Men’s Fashion Week Dallas, Fall Season 5, made the Amazon Bestselling list with my ebook Wardrobe Style Essentials: A Guide to Dressing with Purpose, been featured in Allen&Houston Magazine and in Voyage Dallas Magazine, and awarded Top 25 Minds to Follow 2017 by Gigare’ Lifestyle Magazine. Most recently, I’ve been delighted to develop the Power of Style Coaching Program.

Throughout it all, I’ve been thrilled to discover even greater creative heights — and empathetic depths — for my clients.

Because ultimately, when it comes down to it, that’s what styling is really about: YOU.

You and your power.
You and your creativity.
You and your ability to show up at your very best in every single circumstance, every single day.

That’s the true power of style. And that’s what I’d love to help you tap into.

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why me?

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Discovering your personal style can transform the way you feel about yourself. Look your best to feel your best. That’s why it’s worth it.

More About Me

I am known as the Coach of Style. I am a style visionary with a focus of helping women transform and enhance their visual presence so they save time, effort, and money while getting dressed effectively ultimately given them the POWER OF STYLE. I have developed a unique approach to style and its more than just clothes. I am the CEO of Styled by Stephanie Michelle, now Stephanie Michelle Coach of Style, where I am a personal wardrobe stylist and certified style coach. I am the former lead stylist for Men’s Fashion Week Dallas, Fall 2018 Season 5. I made the Amazon Bestselling list with my ebook- Wardrobe Style Essentials: A Guide to Dressing with Purpose. I was awarded Fashion Influencer at the Dallas Influencer Awards 2019, Top 25 Minds to Follow 2017 by Gigare’ Lifestyle Magazine, and recently had the honor and opportunity to train under my longtime mentor, Creative Director, and Celebrity Stylist J. Bolin. My hard work and tenacity have allowed me to work on productions, photo shoots, and with private clientele providing exclusive styling services. My expertise has also afforded me the opportunity to meet my client’s style needs in various states across the US.

I was born in Manhattan, NY and raised in Compton CA with my Jamaican mother and an American father. While my parents worked in their respective careers during the day, in the evening, my early years were filled with a creative environment. My father was an artist, musician, and custom designer. My mother came to America as a missionary and sewing was a talent she had all of her life. Together, my parents created wardrobes for the family and clients. I helped with their creative process. It was during my childhood and early teen years my father taught me about form and fashion. My mother was pivotal in teaching me how to sell my creations. I naturally had a passion for teaching others how to look and feel good. My compassion was and is a true asset. Ultimately my family convinced me to work in a “solid” career.

Before I became a professional stylist, I worked in health care for nearly 2 decades. I earned my Masters degree in Healthcare Administration where I was a nurse for 16 years. While working as a nurse, I styled clients after work for various events. While I was working on my master’s degree, I realized she could not hold back my gift any longer. I developed a plan, a strategy, and here I am today, working in a career that allows me to teach individuals how to look and feel good.

I have been with my husband for over 2 decades and we have 4 children. I enjoy international traveling, attending live contemporary jazz concerts, going to the gun range, playing my drums, and spending time with my family.

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