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Who’s That Girl?

Hello, I’m Stephanie, personal stylist, style coach, certified professional coach, and CEO of Styled by Stephanie Michelle.

There’s nothing I love more than helping high-achieving women take control of their style and learn how to use their visual presence to support their biggest dreams. I help women just like you transform and enhance your visual presence so you save time and effort and money while getting dressed effectively.

Because ultimately, when it comes down to it, that’s what styling is really about: YOU.

You and your power.
You and your creativity.
You and your ability to show up at your very best in every single circumstance, every single day.

That’s the true power of style. And that’s what I’d love to help you tap into.

Style and Substance

From the very second you walk into a room, your style tells a story.
Show up in clothes that are carefully chosen to make you feel amazing and empowered, and your story is one of unshakeable confidence. But show up in clothes that don’t quite fit right, aren’t well-matched, or just aren’t you? That’s a whole different story.

Getting the attention, interest, and respect you and your message deserve and desire doesn’t happen accidentally — you have to make it happen with your look.

I love helping women just like you use their style to accomplish their wildest dreams. Whether you’re looking to update an old wardrobe to match the new you, need to look amazing for a speaking engagement or photoshoot, or just want to feel beautiful and at home in your clothes every single day, I’m here to make that easy.

A Wardrobe that Works

What if you could reach into your closet and know that whatever you pull out is not only going to make you look fantastic — it’s also going to send a clear and confident message that you’re ready to take on the world?

A well-planned, carefully curated wardrobe can be one of your greatest assets, saving you time and money while amplifying your presence, power, and peace of mind.

Just one problem … it takes time, energy, and stylistic expertise to put it together, and you’re short on at least two of those things.

That’s where I come in. I love bringing my decades of styling expertise, ingrained aesthetic sensibility, and fashion-show-honed talent for curation to your wardrobe. With a full spectrum of style support, from wardrobe audits to personal shopping to style retainers and more, I make it incredibly easy for you to look effortlessly amazing.


Style Coaching

Fashion is a language and I can teach it to you. Join me for style coaching that you can access your convenience. Learn how to develop your own style, make it really work for you, and use it to infuse every single area of your life with your unique flair.

Personal Styling

Have a speaking engagement, photoshoot, or event coming up where you need to look your best? I’d love to help. From styling to shopping, I take the stress out of dressing to impress, making it easy and enjoyable to create a fantastic look that’s all you.

Wardrobe Audit

If you find yourself coming back to the same several outfits over and over again or have a bunch of clothes you’re saying for a “some day” that never seems to come? Sounds like it’s time for a wardrobe audit! In this deeply revealing process, we’ll go through every single item in your wardrobe, gently saying goodbye to those things that no longer serve you, and bringing new life to pieces that make you feel amazing.


“I had the privilege of having a closet audit by Stephanie. I had been feeling overwhelmed with my closet…My goal was to pare down my closet to only the things I felt and looked good in. After Stephanie touched everything in my closet she helped me to understand that the clothes were not serving me in my new way of living. She was able to coach me through the process and I am so grateful for what we uncovered about myself during the process. I highly recommend having a session with her. Trust me. It will change your mindset and can have a great impact on your life.”

N. Barrett
Career Development Strategist, iRock Resumes
Closet Audit Client

“I can’t say enough about how comfortable and easy the whole process was. I was really nervous at first…She’s so sweet and easy and non-judge mental. The beauty of having someone shop for you and bring it to the comfort of your home was well worth the cost! She takes all the stress out of preparing for an event! The signature pieces she picked out for me ALWAYS earn compliments and queries.”

April Snipes
The Surgeons Advantage, Owner, Frisco, TX
Style Coaching Client

“Spring has Sprung, the sun will always shine even though rain is falling and storm clouds maybe overhead because Stephanie Michelle has shown me how to always Walk in Style!!.”

Diane Richardson
Retired Memphis, TN
Virtual Closet Audit/Personal Shopping Client

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